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Small Class Sizes for Personalised Attention

At Synaptic College, we understand that every student is unique, and their education should be too. Our commitment to small class sizes ensures that your child receives the individual attention they deserve. With fewer students in each class, our educators can focus on the specific needs and learning styles of your child, creating an environment where questions are encouraged, discussions thrive, and growth is nurtured. 

Small class sizes are the cornerstone of our approach to education, allowing us to tailor our teaching to every student, making learning a personal journey towards excellence.

We provide an exceptional learning environment where your child can thrive
in ways simply not possible in large schools

Your Child's Home for Learning

CAPS Curriculum Success

Our learning environment is designed to inspire and encourage students. We understand that a positive atmosphere is essential for effective learning. At Synaptic College, students are not only encouraged to excel academically but also to explore their interests and passions.

Small Class Sizes

At Synaptic College, we pride ourselves on our intentionally small class sizes. We believe that learning is more effective and enjoyable when students have the opportunity to engage with educators and peers on a personal level.

Improved Student Performance

We're proud of our track record of significantly improving student performance. By keeping class sizes small and maintaining a supportive learning environment, we've seen remarkable growth in our students.

Open Lines of Communication

Let's Talk

Our educators are readily accessible to students, making it easier to seek assistance, clarify doubts, or discuss academic and personal concerns. We believe that strong teacher-student relationships are key to success.

My son feels at home at Synaptic and he is cared for as a unique individual and We LOVE YOU!

Nicola Lawrence - Parent

Lower Stress Means Real Learning NOt Just Memorisation

Individual Growth

We’re committed to nurturing your child’s individual growth. With small classes, we can monitor their progress closely, providing timely support, and ensuring they reach their full potential.

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