Your child is unique and because of that, we feel that learning should be able to adapt to their ever-changing interests, capacities and emotional needs.

The Best Of What Works, Less Of What Doesn't

Class Size Really Matters

Real learning does not work well when you are battling to see, hear, and be heard.

At Synaptic our class sizes are significantly smaller, working around a maximum of 10 to 15 learners per class or lesson.

This model enables problem areas and zones of learning difficulty to be more effectively remediated during the lesson, as opposed to the learner having to wait for another opportunity to understand and resolve the problem.

The approach is one which affords every learner access to their tutors. Synaptic tutors have been selected based on the qualities, traits, experience and passion that is required for our specific learning model which is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our learners.

Less Time Preparing, More Doing

Learning during the day is maximised, as there’s no wasted time. We have our teachers move to the students, we set a Friday each week to purely focus on problem areas, we simply don’t waste time pretending to work.